Handmade Fashion Jewellery: A New Style Statement For College Goers

Women and fashion have always remained synonymous to each other. Add jewellery to it, and they become a trio which is undetachable and is mostly found hanging out together. Everyone who is aware of this phenomenon even slightly will confirm to this affirmative that women, fashion, and jewellery are like made for each other. Every woman feels incomplete without her pieces of jewel that in some way or the other defines her potential, personality, and aura. Wither of them seems incomplete in the absence of any of them. Whether it be a heavy set of bangles, bracelets, designer earrings, bedazzling brooches, impeccable neck pieces and more, all these fashion accessories sound like an intricate part of a woman’s being.

Today, the craze for jewellery is not limited to adult or married women; even college goers are equally enchanted with their pieces of jewels. Handmade fashion jewellery has carved a special place for itself in the style quotient of college going girls as they fun, cool and enthralling without being too over the board.  But the question remains is why woman is so inclined towards these handmade fashion jewellery pieces and how are they different from the conventional metallic jewellery that has been the fashion scene for decades.

Designer handmade fashion jewellery adds a distinctive charm and charisma to the personality of any women who wears it. Right from the ancient times, women have been adorning themselves with the pretty pieces of jewellery made from shells, pearls, beads, gems and more and all these pieces were used to be handmade. So it won’t be wrong saying that the woman’s love for handmade fashion jewellery is centuries old and has just been revoked by the local artisans who have started bringing their master pieces of jewellery to the fashion forefront.

College going girls these days have started embracing the trendy handmade aquamarine or designer homemade jewellery made using beads, pearls, shells, threads, knots, etc. that enhances their entire look without being drab. The bold and hip style statement of fashion jewellery is ruling the roost everywhere. Apart from colleges, women are proudly embracing the trend at weddings, offices, business meetings, parties and more to add a dash of the trend to their attire.

The addition of handmade fashion jewellery not only looks stylish and elegant but also adds the right amount of glamor to a woman’s personality. Today, the handmade fashion jewellery can be obtained in a variety of designs, colors, patterns and more to carve a niche style statement for yourself.

The demand for stunning pieces of fashion handmade jewellery has starting soaring high with the retro styles making a comeback.  The twinkling wooden neckpieces, bangles, earrings, and bracelets look extremely elegant. Not to forget, they are long lasting and can be teamed with any attire conveniently.

So, girlies, instead of spending your pocket money on some old style metallic jewellery, go for wooden and woollen weaved handmade selection of jewels that will add a great detailing to your personality.

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